Case Study: Machined Rotor of a Vacuum Pump

The Problem:

The manufacturer of vacuum pumps was also having problems in getting good quality machined rotors of consistent quality without costing a fortune. The rotor required extensive machining of all surfaces of high strength material with n6/n7 finish, followed by assembly of shaft extensions and 2 plane dynamic balancing.

Lodestar’s Solution:

  • Achieving of the required finish consistently on the vertical wall surface of the slots was the most difficult problem in the total machining job.
  • Lodestar developed a single stage multiple pass machining process using an index-able milling cutter to achieve required finish with greatly reduced machining time and thus reducing the overall cost of the part.
  • This enabled the customer to stay competitive and greatly increase turnover.


  • The customer could focus more on growing sales knowing that he has a reliable product at competitive price.
  • Focus his resources on customization to customer’s other value added requirements.
  • Increase his margins as a result of changed business model and focus.