Delivery Process

Lodestar uses a multi-stage customer centric process to engage with its clients and deliver high quality services and products to them.

Customer Partnerships:

Lodestar partners with clients to make them more competitive by adding value across one or multiple of its businesses processes. To achieve this goal Lodestar works closely with customers’ key personnel to study and map the customers’ value chain to identify specific business processes that we can add value to whether they are in design and engineering, or product manufacturing or both.

Through this client engagement process “WE AIM TO”

  • Keep the customer continually engaged during the design development stage with customer feedback and input being sought during key development milestones
  • Increase customer familiarity with product’s improved capability early in the development cycle resulting in critical marketing and sales decision being made in timely manner which in turn leads to reduction in time to market
  • Enable customer to understand what changes in assembly or manufacturing processes are needed so that product can be launched as soon a product development and testing is completed. Such early production planning helps improve overall production efficiency at the customer and lowering manufacturing costs.

Manufacturing Partnerships and Strategic Sourcing:

  • Lodestar has deep and long standing partnership with manufacturing facilities covering the domain it operates in
  • Lodestar’s team is embedded in our partner’s facilities from the very beginning of a program to ensure that Lodestar’s Quality standard, production parameters and inspection standards are adhered to
  • Lodestar has a comprehensive strategic sourcing initiative to ensure that raw material purchases, and purchases of bought-out items adhere to the highest quality standard and that the supply chain is stable and responsive.

Logistics Partnerships:

  • Lodestar works closely with some of the best global logistics and packaging companies to ensure on-time delivery of its products to the customer in best possible condition.
  • Lodestar at its customer’s option delivers its products on a “Delivered Duty Paid” (DDP) basis which again helps free up resources for the customer.