Our Solution

Small and Medium sized manufacturers are operating under stress with very thin profit margins and slowing sales because of

  • Outdated/ Inefficient Product Designs – leading to loss of market share to better designed products and higher production cost
  • Inefficient Production processes – leading to high production cost and low gross margin
  • Lack of Production Capacity – inability to meet demand thereby losing potential sales

To Solve these above problems manufacturers need considerable financial and manpower resources, acquisition of which is difficult for these cash-strapped manufacturers

Based on Customer need Lodestar can

  • Upgrade or Develop New Product Designs– lowers development cost and time to market for manufacturers
  • Manufacture the Products in form of “Kits” at world class facilities using state of the art production processes and quality control methodologies– lowers manufacturing costs and after sales maintenance costs. Manufacturer just assembles the product from the “Kits”.

Lodestar’s approach provides small and medium sized manufactures with a unique and flexible solution which is customized to address a particular entities needs in a comprehensive manner.