Customizable Trailer Frame

Customizable Trailer Frame

The Problem:
A medium sized North American Trailer/Bulk Transport manufacturer specializing in providing custom Trailers to the oilfield industry was facing issues with ageing product designs causing low production throughput, inventory build-up, inability to quickly address market fluctuations in demand of product type and very low margins

Lodestar’s Solution:

  • Designed, develop and manufactured a configurable common frame, whereby by bolting on components and sub-assemblies the customer could create three different product types.
  • This new assembly enabled the customer to quickly customize a product type based on market demand without having to hold finished inventory.


Lodestar’s solution enabled the customer to

  • Focus production resources on assembling bolt-on systems which raised throughput by over 15%
  • Reduce their manufacturing costs around 20%, with significantly improved higher product quality, resulting in substantial increase in net margins.