One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution Center for Product Manufacturer

Need to launch a new product or upgrade your product but are having a difficult time to secure all needed resources !!

Lodestar with its in-house team of designers, production and quality control engineers in partnership with 60+ manufacturers both in USA and globally, and several global logistics providers offers a comprehensive suite of services to help product manufacturers achieve their product goals in a cost efficient manner.

Our full suite of services includes Design Engineering, Sourcing and Supplier Development, Production Planning and Quality Control, Packaging and Logistics. We manage each step in the entire process from design to delivery to ensure customers receive the highest quality of the product in time and at the desired cost.

Customers have on an average increased sales by 15% and reduced cost by over 25% by utilizing our services.

With innovation and out-box thinking as their forte, our team of experienced designers and engineers can bring to life your product idea or have your product upgraded to give you a competitive advantage.

With 60+ manufacturing partners both within the US and offshore, we can produce your products and parts that have multiple complexities and require different types of manufacturing processes. We produce assemblies and parts of various metals that require casting, machining, forging, fabrication (both light and heavy), forming, extrusion and injection moulding.

Packaging and Logistics

We design our own packaging and partner with several packaging and logistics companies to ensure that your products arrive at the destination without any damage and in timely and cost effective manner.

Interested in bringing your product idea to life or make your product the market leader?

Are you looking to introduce some innovative ideas to improve product performance and/ reduce product cost?