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Lodestar Quality LLC, headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana, US, provides custom manufacturing and design services to product manufacturers. We offer a full range of services which include Design and Engineering, Sourcing and Production Management, Quality Control, Packaging, and Logistics.

In simple terms we can help you design and engineer your product; manage each step in the supply chain process by having it sourced from our qualified manufacturing partners both within the US and/or overseas; engage in the production process to ensure quality requirements and delivery timelines are met; package it as per your requirements and work with our logistics partners to ship the products to your doorstep in a timely manner.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a significant competitive advantage in their market.

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Lodestar has successfully delivered parts and products of the highest quality in a cost-effective manner to customers who serve various industries from Oil and Gas, Transportation, Storage, Construction and Agricultural equipment. The variety of products that we delivered included vacuum pumps, semi-trailer assemblies and parts, portable storage containers, oilfield equipment, measurement gauges, anchor bolts amongst others.

These parts and assemblies were produced at partner manufacturing facilities and involved processes that included

  • Casting and Machining
  • Machining using CNC/VMC and HMC machines
  • Fabrication both light and heavy
  • Forging and
  • Injection Molding

We partner with 60 plus manufacturing partners both in the US and India to produce our parts, assemblies and products. These partners have been qualified for their capability in a particular manufacturing process by our team after an extensive audit utilizing our proprietary Supplier Assessment Process.

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