Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Need to bring to market a difficult to make a product, assembly or part?? Having a difficult time identifying the supplier with the right manufacturing capabilities at an acceptable cost? 

Our team of Engineers, Production and Quality Control experts with years of experience in manufacturing complex parts at optimal costs can identify for you a supplier with the right capabilities within our partner companies and manage every step of the production process. The product/assembly/part will be manufactured as per the highest quality standards and at optimum cost.

Our manufacturing partners have been qualified by our team for a process using our proprietary Supplier Assessment Process which includes a detailed audit of their capabilities, facilities, past manufacturing history, quality control methodology, human resources and management style.

Unlike other manufacturing service providers we do not utilize sourcing or quality control agents – we have our own experienced team of supply chain and quality control experts.

We also offer independent Third-Party inspection of our facilities and products produced by reputed firms like Lloyds at the customer’s request.

Lodestar's Custom manufacturing solutions have helped customers increase sales by over 15% and reduce cost by over 25%.

We offer several customized options for our manufacturing services

  • As a Turnkey Project: We will help Design and Engineer, Manufacture, Package and Ship the product to your doorstep
  • As a Contract Manufacturer: We will manufacture the product for you as per design specifications and at your option ship the product to your doorstep

If you need a product made we can engineer it and make it for you at an optimal cost- that’s our promise.

Major Manufacturing Services we offer to include but are not limited to

  • Casting and Machining
  • Fabrication and Metal Forming
  • Injection Molding

We can produce products and parts that utilize various casting processes and metals. Some typical casting processes we offer include

Apart from these processes, we offer Permanent Mold Aluminum castings with high production capabilities. One of the largest tilt pour machines in the US is available with one of our manufacturing partners.

Machining: Both complete machining from bar stock to finish machining processes are offered. We have partnered with fully automated machine shops having CNC, VMC and HMC machines to offer customers the ability to achieve tight tolerances and excellent finish to their parts and assemblies. For complex machining projects fully integrated machining centers are utilized

As a part of our comprehensive custom manufacturing services, we offer Heat treatment as per customer requirement, NDT such as X-ray, MP, DPI in house and through outside laboratories. Further small batch production using Additive Manufacturing is offered.

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Fabrications and Metal Forming

Lodestar has developed extensive expertise in producing complex fabricated parts and assemblies, both for heavy and light fabrications. We have produced parts and assemblies for trailers, tankers, and other heavy equipment, including complete subframes for various types of trailers.
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Our partners have machinery for various forming operations which include but not limited to extrusions, forging, rolling and swaging. 

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Injection Molding

Lodestar has extensive experience in producing injection molded parts of various degrees of complexities. Materials commonly used are thermoplastics like polypropylene, polyethene, polyvinylchloride, polystyrene, and polycarbonate. We also have produced injection molded parts using various thermosets, composites and elastomers also.

Apart from these processes, we have produced various products made of various rubber materials such as EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone and Butyl rubber.

Lodestar engineering, production and quality controls were excellent. They produced Trailer frame parts for us and the quality of their production was years ahead of our current supplier base and was very cost-efficient. I was very happy with their performance.


Mid-sized Trailer manufacturing company

Do you need manufacturing options for a newly designed product ?

Are you looking for improved cost efficiency, better product performance or lower product cost?

We offer production of a variety of Ferrous metals such as Carbon, Stainless and Alloy Steels and Non-Ferrous metals such as Aluminum, Copper and Magnesium Alloys. Typical weights covered are between 0.2 lbs – 60 lbs depending on material type. Prototyping with 3D printed molds and orders for small batch and large batch quantities are offered.

Carbon and Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Gray and Ductile and White Iron, Aluminum castings for both commercial and aerospace sectors, and Copper Alloys are offered. Typical weights covered are between 1lb to 5,500 lbs depending on metal type. Greensand,  Airset and No-Bake molding lines are offered. 3D printed sand molds are offered for prototyping. We accept small batch quantity orders to large production runs which can be produced using automatic molding machines.

Non-ferrous alloys of Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium and Copper are offered. Sizes normally range from about 0.2 lbs to 110 lbs. Typically orders with large annual minimum order quantities are accepted.

Our fabrication partners have Laser, Plasma and Waterjet Cutting machines, CNC Bending and Shearing machines, and TIG, MIG and Arc Welding Machines. For rolling operations our facilities have 3 meter rolling machines, and spinning machines for forming disk heads.