Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Design, Engineering And Prototyping

We at LODESTAR have the Design and Engineering expertise and tools to make YOUR vision a reality. With over 100 years of combined experience in various fields, we have the knowledge to bring your ideas to life by helping YOU develop an optimal design for your product idea or your product upgrade.

Our Product Design goal is based on two simple principles – it can be produced efficiently using available resources and it should be cost-effective.

The Services we provide include:

  • Product design and development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Prototyping

Our designers will help you achieve your product goals while at the same time keeping quality and cost competitiveness as key drivers in the product development process. Our process includes conducting an extensive Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) to ensure reliability and quality of YOUR product and ensure satisfaction for YOUR customer.

Lodestar's Design & Engineering services have helped customers increase sales by over 15% and reduce cost by over 25%.

Product Design and Development

Following Services are offered

  • Concept Design and Redesign or Upgrade of Product
  • CAD Modeling and Drawing
  • Detailed Drawing Development

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Reverse Engineering

Lodestar and its partners have extensive Reverse Engineering capabilities where we can scan and develop designs for very complex equipment.

Equipment used includes a Faro Edge 7 axis 9ft Arm-HD scanner, a Mitutoyo AE-122 CMM, a Brown and Sharpe 15-22-10 CMM and numerous measuring tools and gauges


Lodestar uses 3D printing extensively to develop prototypes. The goal of the prototypes is to ensure that the customer is satisfied by the look, fit and finish of the product. Internally we use prototyping to ensure that all parts of a product fit properly and any potential design and process failure issues are identified at this stage. Further prototyping is used to ensure that all design requirements are met.

Once the Prototype is made, we use Laser scans to match the prototype to the model of the part or product to determine variations.

“Lodestar's team of engineers upgraded our Vacuum Pump using innovative design concepts, making it the best performing in the industry. They also produced all the parts for the pump maintaining critical quality requirements enabling the pump to achieve its design potential"


Pump Company

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