Vacuum Pump

Redesign And Manufacture Of Vacuum Pump

The Problem:
A reputed North American manufacturer of vacuum pumps for oilfield was faced with loss of sales and market share due to outdated Pump design and quality problems

Lodestar’s Solution:

  • Conducted Root cause analysis to identify components and areas where design and manufacturing improvement was needed using the DMAIC model
  • Developed an innovative design to prevent catastrophic Pump failures due to entry of liquid in the Pump – a problem none of the manufacturers in the industry have solved


  • The design and manufacturing improvements increased Pump performance as measured by flow-rate by over 50%, from 310 CFM to over 452 CFM
  • Enabled customer to focus on growing Sales and capturing market share given the confidence that he now has the best performing pump in the market, that is not only fail-safe but also has the highest quality of parts